Virtual Organisations

A Virtual Organisation (vorg) is formed by a group of people with a common mission or interest, and that group has a need to share resources, as well as, manage, store and communicate data and information. Any registered Spherical Matrix user(s) can form a virtual organisation (founders).

Spherical Matrix is the rich space for creating, hosting, and interacting with virtual organisations. Any two vorgs can also interact and exchange data within the space.

All of the vorg data and services can be managed from anywhere in the world via web portal access. The services attached to a vorg can be selected by the founders, they may include: a web based file system, a document management system (version control), SVN, email, domain/web hosting, calendar, timesheet, relational database etc.

SM vorgs allow role-based access and management of information. A vorg is essentially an user group with roles that control resources. In turn any user group can contain any number of user groups. Therein lies the power of vorgs to morph into any form you require.
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